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Tools for renderware based GTA games
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>Collision model editor for gta3 and Vice city cars.<
16.10.2004 3558
TXD Workshop
>This is a txd texture editor for GTA3, VC and SA.<
16.10.2004 45103
Data Tool
>This tool edits gta-vc car and other configuration files.<
16.10.2004 2430
Dir Manager
>This tool manages files inside GTA dir file archives.<
26.06.2005 2107
san andreas ASI plugin loader
>this package enabled developers to develop "asi-style" plugins for san andreas.<
31.07.2005 90851
>GTA Garage Mod Manager<
07.08.2005 2635
GTA-SA GXT editor
>grand theft auto san andreas gxt editor<
16.10.2004 5451
>GTA3 gxt editor that edits whole gxt as a text file.<
16.10.2004 4515
GTA3 Message Editor
>GTA3 LED billboard text editor.<
16.10.2004 1621
Data Tool 2.0
>gta-vc file editor<
16.10.2004 5389
>SA:MP Script Editor<
14.5.2006 2955
KEd - GTA Map Editor
>With this tool, you can modify maps in gta3 and vice city.<
a long time ago 7846